UBE Group Action Guidelines

Chapter 1. Corporate Mission and Social Responsibility

We will strive to create new value and achieve sustainable growth as a corporation, while actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities in contributing to the sound growth of society.


Chapter 2. UBE Group and the Law

We will comply with applicable laws/regulations and internal regulations, conducting ourselves as a member of a sound society.


Chapter 3. Business Activities and Creating Value

We will develop and supply technologies, products and services that are safe and serve useful purposes, in order to earn the confidence of the public.


Chapter 4. Fairness and Integrity

We will strive to promote fair and open competition while executing our work with integrity as we pursue our business activities both at home and abroad.


Chapter 5. Safety and the Environment

We are committed to safety, and will actively and voluntarily implement initiatives to conserve the global environment as an issue facing all humankind.


Chapter 6. UBE Group and Human Rights

We will respect human rights and create healthy and positive workplaces that are comfortable to work in, as we pursue our business activities both at home and abroad.


Chapter 7. UBE Group and Information

We will strive to protect confidential information and engage in appropriate disclosure of corporate information, while actively and thoroughly facilitating communication with society.


Chapter 8. UBE Group and the International Community

We will contribute to the growth of the regions we are involved in, as a member of the international community.


Chapter 9.  Summary: Building a Firm Foundation of Corporate Ethics

We will aim to build a firm foundation of corporate ethics, based on the UBE Group Action Guidelines and through close cooperation between UBE Group companies and our business partners.